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About us

Foxley Talent are a specialist talent consultancy led by experts who have helped recruit within the Python tech community since 2008.

We help you hire the talent you need to build your business and do amazing things!

All we do is work with Python Engineers and companies with a Python tech stack. By staying super niche and with our involvement within the community we have the unrivalled knowledge, reputation and reach to help you with your search!

Our mission is simple.

"To become the go-to recruitment partner for the
Python and Django communities worldwide."


We are specialists in recruiting talented developers and engineers within the Python / Django stack. 

Our strength is in the Python/Django domain where we first started hiring in 2008. You will not find a more experienced recruiter in this space.

From here we have gained knowledge, experience and built networks of developers along with connections working as Front End, DevOps, Site Reliability and Cloud Engineers as well as QA and Testers. 


We have always placed our emphasis on building long lasting relationships and leaving a great impression. 


Over the years, we have become a valued member of the open source technology community. Not only running and attending events, helping others, sharing experience, giving advice and having a genuine interest in the technology we help recruit for. 


It won't be a surprise that most of the companies and candidates that we work with are referred to us.


We currently work in the UK, EU and America.

Our clients and candidates have truly embraced the remote working culture and the geography is getting bigger.


The majority of people we speak to now are hiring remotely and casting a wider net to capture the great talent based outside the major cities and internationally.


Remote working is normal now, closely followed by hybrid models with flexibility for staff the driver over cost.

Giving Back

We currently organise, sponsor and attend community events and conferences. The giving of our time and experience is only part of our offering back to the community.

Foxley Talent have pledged to donate a percentage of our annual profits back into the Django ecosystem.


Giving back to the community and ensuring that the Django Software Foundation has funding is so important to us. Without Django we wouldn't have a business.

Companies that use Django donate to the DSF.

Developers who use Django in work donate to the DSF.

Foxley Talent helps Django developers find jobs with Django companies, so we donate to the DSF too. 

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