About us


Foxley Talent are a specialist talent consultancy led by experts who have helped recruit within Python/Django communities since 2008.

We help you hire the talent you need to build
your business and do amazing things!

All we do is work with Python/Django Engineers
and companies with this tech stack.

By staying super niche along with our physical involvement within the community we have the unrivalled knowledge, reputation and reach to help you with your search!

It won't be a surprise that most of the people that we work with come referred to us.

Our mission is simple.
"To become the go-to recruitment partner for the Python and Django community worldwide."


We are specialists in recruiting talented developers and engineers within the Python / Django stack. 

Our strength is in the Python/Django domain where we first started hiring in 2008. You will not find a more experienced recruiter in this space.

From here we have gained knowledge, experience and built networks of developers along with connections working as Front End, DevOps, Site Reliability and Cloud Engineers as well as QA and Testers. 


We have always placed our emphasis on building long lasting relationships and leaving a great impression. 


Over the years, we have become a valued member of the open source technology community. Not only running and attending events, helping others, sharing experience, giving advice and having a genuine interest in the technology we help recruit for. 


It won't be a surprise that most of the companies and candidates that we work with are referred to us.


We currently work in the UK, EU and America.

Our clients and candidates have truly embraced the remote working culture and the geography is getting bigger.


The majority of people we speak to now are hiring remotely and casting a wider net to capture the great talent based outside the major cities and internationally.


Remote working is normal now, closely followed by hybrid models with flexibility for staff the driver over cost.

Giving Back


We currently organise, sponsor and attend community events and conferences. The giving of our time and experience is only part of our offering back to the community.

Foxley Talent have pledged to donate a percentage of our annual profits back into the Django ecosystem.


Giving back to the community and ensuring that the Django Software Foundation has funding is so important to us. Without Django we wouldn't have a business.

Companies that use Django donate to the DSF.

Developers who use Django in work donate to the DSF.

Foxley Talent helps Django developers find jobs with Django companies, so we donate to the DSF too. 


We have always placed our emphasis on building long lasting relationships and leaving a great impression. 


Over the years, we have become a valued member of the Django community. Not only running and attending events, helping others, sharing experience, giving advice but having a genuine interest in the technology and the community we help recruit for. 

We currently have involvement in a number of meetup groups as organisers, sponsors, hosts and attendees. 


This is our new community event, launched in London in 2022 and meeting most months. Simply bringing people together who have a shared interest in Django and doing something sociable. This event is fully sponsored by Foxley Talent and free to attend to all.

London Python

Through our work in the community in London we form part of the organising team for London Python. 

A regular meetup with talks and networking. This event is always looking for speakers and venues to ensure we have somewhere to meet and something interesting to learn about.

The Django London Meetup

This group is run by a committed team of experienced Django engineers who host monthly events. These take shape in the form of tech talks, networking and drinks. We are regular attendees and often first to the bar in the pub afterwards.



As well as supporting our  local meetup groups, we like to attend as many conferences as possible and where possible support and sponsor the events too. 

Here are some of the conferences we have been involved in so far

Django Day Copenhagen

The 2022 version of this ONE DAY Conference was one of the first in-person events that happened within the Django community post pandemic. 

Foxley Talent were one of the Supporters of this event.

Jon also gave a Lightning talk on the day, titled "Navigating your next job search" you can watch this here

DjangoCon Europe 2022

This is the 14th edition of the conference and first in-person event for many post pandemic. This is also Foxley Talent's first major event sponsorship. We are attending and helping to organise the conference party as part of our django.social group. We have also been added to the event's job page as the headline sponsor.

At Foxley Talent, we are not trying to re-invent the recruitment wheel. 

We use our experience to deliver an outstanding service to our clients.


We offer three Talent led services, designed to make working together easier.

Talent on Demand, Talent Search, and Talent as a Service (TaaS). 


Traditionally known as Retained Search, our Talent On Demand service allows you to pay upfront for our time, knowledge and guarantee results in an agreed time frame. 


The Talent On Demand service is best suited to helping you make a key hire or a hiring project where you need to know that milestones will be reached. You will be provided with "Market Insights" at the start of the project and regular updates.


The Talent Search is your traditional recruitment searching service. This is offered as standard to all our clients. We simply agree terms and start looking for your next talented hire. 

You only pay for our service if we find you someone. This service covers both Contract and Permanent hires. We use our extended network along with the tools available to us to qualify applicants who match your specifications.


Talent as a Service (TaaS) is our premier service. We will become a partner with you over a period of time to ensure that your hiring goals are met. This is a subscription service with a flexible cost dependent on your needs.

The TaaS model is a true partnership. We don't charge additional fees per hire and because this isn't about commission, we will work with you to find the right person/people, not just those available immediately.

Any one of these services can be tailored to your needs. To find out more about how we can help you and start working together, please book a call at a time that suits you.


Thank you for your message!

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