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We have always placed our emphasis on building long lasting relationships and leaving a great impression. 


Over the years, we have become a valued member of the open source technology community. Not only running and attending events, helping others, sharing experience, giving advice but having a genuine interest in the technology we help recruit for. 


It won't be a surprise that most of the companies and candidates that we work with come referred to us.

We currently have involvement in a number of London based meetup groups either as organisers, sponsors, hosts or as regular attendees.

This is our new community event, launched in London in 2022 and meeting most months. Simply bringing people together who have a shared interest in Django and doing something sociable. This event is fully sponsored by Foxley Talent and free to attend to all.

London Python

Through our work in the community in London we form part of the organising team for London Python. 

A regular meetup with talks and networking. This event is always looking for speakers and venues to ensure we have somewhere to meet and something interesting to learn about.

The Django London Meetup

This group is run by a committed team of experienced Django engineers who host monthly events. These take shape in the form of tech talks, networking and drinks. We are regular attendees and often first to the bar in the pub afterwards.


As well as supporting our  local meetup groups, we like to attend as many conferences as possible and where possible support and sponsor the events too. 

Here are some of the conferences we have been involved in so far

Django Day Copenhagen

The 2022 version of this ONE DAY Conference was one of the first in-person events that happened within the Django community post pandemic. 

Foxley Talent were one of the Supporters of this event.

Jon also gave a Lightning talk on the day, titled "Navigating your next job search" you can watch this here

DjangoCon Europe 2022

This is the 14th edition of the conference and first in-person event for many post pandemic. This is also Foxley Talent's first major event sponsorship. We are attending and helping to organise the conference party as part of our group. We have also been added to the event's job page as the headline sponsor.

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